Grants for EBT Terminals Available

I hope everyone is having a great 2013 season!  This is just a reminder that if your farmers’ market or in some cases farm market is new to accepting SNAP, there are federal dollars available to help with the cost of the terminal, etc.  If you were approved by USDA FNS on or after November 18, 2011 you are eligible to apply for this funding.  For information about the funds contact the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services at:   614-466-4815 and ask to speak to the EBT Section.  Deadline to apply for this funding is September 30, 2013.

If you have questions about accepting EBT at your market contact me (contact information below).

Have a great day!


 Christie Welch
Farmers’ Market Specialist
The Ohio State University
South Centers
1864 Shyville Rd.
Piketon, OH 45661
740-289-2071 x. 234


In 2012, the USDA made a $4 million appropriation to states to use to purchase EBT machines for markets that were currently unable to accept SNAP benefits. Due to a variety of reasons, only $300,000 of this money was spent. This year, in an effort to dramatically increase the use of the funds, the USDA has announced a policy change that makes individual farmers eligible, in addition to markets. Now individual farmers' who vend at a market that does not have EBT access

Take advantage if this opportunity to increase earnings for your farmers and vendors with a free EBT terminal. For assistance see the resources from OSU South Centers which include step by step application video to filling the online form.  For personalized assistance contact the Farmers' Market Coordinator at OSU South Centers at  (740) 289-2071 or in state (800) 297-2072.