Veggie SNAPS is a collaboration of nine farmers’ markets in Central Ohio that offer EBT and provide matching tokens for EBT users. The program provides a financial match of EBT dollars spent (up to $10) per visit to SNAP customers who shop at participating seasonal farmers’ markets organized in the Central Ohio community. In its first year, Veggie SNAPS provided over $5,000 in incentives in 637 transactions to 303 unique customers.

Veggie SNAPS Expands, Enters Season Two

  Each month, Awesome Food will give one applicant $1,000 to help pull off an awesome idea involving food. The ideas must relate to food in some form, and the definition will be more inclusive than exclusive. Examples could include educating the public about DIY-farming, creating an ad-hoc eatery in […]

Awesome Food $1000 Project Grants Available

Agriculture Deputy Secretary Merrigan Announces Availability of $5 Million in Funding for Farmers Market Promotion Program This year FMPP will emphasize three priorities during the 2010 grant period: (1) focus on the recruitment and retention of new farmers to participate at farmers markets and other direct-to-consumer farm marketing outlets; (2) […]

USDA Funding for Farmers Market Promotion Program