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Have you renewed your 2017 Farmers' Market Management Network membership? If so, you're eligible to join our new online forum where managers can chat in real time and maintain communication with fellow managers from around the state. Simply request admission and upon verifying your membership, you'll be added. #managershelpingmanagers FMMN: […]

FMMN Launches Managers Forum on Facebook

Planning is underway for the 6th Annual Farmer's Market Conference on March 3rd & 4th 2016. This is your conference and we would like to know the topics you would like to see covered. Please follow the link to send us your thoughts. Remember to mark your calendar. SAVE […]

Farmer’s Market Conference Survey

The FMMN Southwest Ohio regional farmer's market meeting was held on Monday April 7th at 7:00 pm.  To attend future meetings contact facilitator: Donna Bednar The meeting was held at: Terwilliger's Lodge, at Dulle Park (see Google Map) Two ways to get there. From I-71, get off at Pfeiffer […]

SW Ohio Regional Farmers Markets

Do you have a passion for organizing events, marketing, regulation, legislation or journalism? Consider volunteering for an FMMN project.  Members are welcome to attend board meetings (sometimes by phone) and get involved with our committees. FMMN Committees need your expertise: Get involved in your area of interest by contacting the […]

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