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I hereby apply for membership in and agree to abide by the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Farmers’ Market Management Network, Inc. now and hereafter in effect, copies of which are on the cooperative website. I certify that I am a qualified member as defined below and in the bylaws, and have tendered the initiation fee.

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Farmers’ Market 1-20 vendors (through the course of the season). ($50.00)
Farmers’ Market 21-50 ($75.00)
Farmers’ Market 50+ ($100.00)
Your market must be registered with Ohio Department of Agriculture to qualify. A farmers market is defined as a location where farmers/producers/vendors congregate to market products directly to consumers.
This Market is registered with the ODA. You must be registered to be a member. ODA Registration is easy and free and allows your vendors to sell cottage foods without an individual license. Register your market here.

Farmer/Vendor ($25.00)

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